Sheriff Greg Capers
Greg Capers was born 1962 in Houston Texas to Jay and Charlene Capers.  He led an exceptional life growing up in the North Houston area, participating in sports and agriculture programs.  After graduating from Aldine High School, Greg went to work for the Texas Department of Corrections but he had an affinity for law enforcement.  He spent his off-duty time riding with Harris County Deputies in their ride-along program.

Greg joined the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in 1984.  In the 30 years with that agency he earned his Master Peace Officer certificate and his Master Jailer certificate.  In over 4000 hours of training, he gained his Law Enforcement Instructor Certification, Canine Certification, Mounted Patrol Certification, SWAT Certification, and many Homeland Security Certifications.  Greg promoted to Sergeant and supervised in the Jail, Patrol, and Special Investigations Divisions - including Vice/Narcotics and Auto Theft.  Greg has attended the Law Enforcement Management Institute’s Leadership Command College at Sam Houston State University. Greg Capers has taught Law Enforcement to 1000’s of officers from the municipal, county, state and federal levels and has been an adjunct instructor for colleges and academies in the past. Greg received numerous awards throughout his career to include a Congressional Award.

Greg moved to San Jacinto County in 1992, where his family is from, since the late 1800’s. Greg Capers, grandmother was the Precinct 4, Justice of the Peace in Point Blank, Texas during the construction of Lake Livingston back in the 1960’s. He remembers the times when he would come up to her house and spend the night on her screened in porch and has fond memories of spending time with her both at the house and catching catfish out of the creeks in the areas around her house. Sheriff Capers has raised his family here in San Jacinto County with his wife Kay who currently works as an Administrative Assistant for Sheriff Hickman in Harris County now going into her 32 year and both daughters Tiffany and Courtney. Tiffany went on to Northwood’s University and graduated with a degree in Fashion-Marketing, Courtney went to Sam Houston State University and graduated with a degree in Animal Science with a minor in Interdisciplinary, she is currently finishing her Masters of Education in Administration program in 2016, from Lamar University. Tiffany resides in the Lubbock area with her husband Felix and their daughter Arabella. Courtney resides here in San Jacinto County and is a High School Agriculture teacher. Greg enjoys hunting and fishing and piddles with his herd of cattle.

Upon his retirement from Harris County, Greg worked a short time for the San Jacinto County Precinct 3 Constable while awaiting his appointment to Sheriff after winning the election in 2014.  On November 12, 2014, Greg was sworn in as the Sheriff of San Jacinto County.

Sheriff Capers has worked diligently to bring the Sheriff’s Office into the 21st century.  At his onset, by removing some of the ‘top-heavy’ ranks, he was able reorganize budget money to place several more deputies on the streets.  In reorganization of the agency, he created a much more efficient program and did so without losing any deputies who were employed at his taking the helm.  He created the Patrol Tactical Unit to fight the Illegal Narcotics and Organized Crime in our county.  Sheriff Capers serves on several state legislative committees in Austin, working to better law enforcement - not only in San Jacinto County - but throughout the State of Texas. Sheriff Capers is one of only 32 out of the 254 Sheriffs here in Texas to have graduated from the National Sheriff’s Academy.

Sheriff Capers is proud to serve as your Sheriff and his commitment to better law enforcement and community service here in San Jacinto County is already showing great results for our citizens.