Sheriff's Office Photo Gallery
In God We Trust Chief Joe Schultea and Mr. Nolan Wright Deputy CJ Duenas Deputy Jeremiah Ledesman and Mr. Harbour Mills Administrative Assistants Rejeana Mizell & DeeDee Adams Deputy Mary Whitmire & Captain Harley Lovings Dispatchers Ann Todd, Samantha Cosme, Tammy Wallace, & Rai Duenas
Sheriff's Deligation to Goforth Funeral Lt. David Lawrenz Retires 2016 Holiday Village Chilli Cookoff 2016 Holiday Village Chilli Cookoff Where does THIS thing go??? This is an USie, not a Selfie! Historic Old San Jacinto County Jail House
Sgt. Steven Countz and his Captain America Team! Sgt. Alan Henderson looking forward to his favorite passtime! Deputies Visit an Elementary School Sheriff's Office 8 Wheel Cargo Truck Chief Driving our 8 Wheel Cargo Truck - with one addition! At the Trinity River Working Car-Fire in the Woods
West County Major Vehicle Accident Crime Scene Location One of our older Patrol Vehicles Recovered in Major Drug Arrest SJC Emergency Services! TDC Helping us in ManHunt Keep those doggies rollin - and safely!
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