New Year's Eve Pursuit 1/1/2016 PIO
San Jacinto County Sheriff Sponsors Blood Drive 1/8/2016 PIO
Murder Suspect Captured in SJC 1/24/2016 PIO
New Caney Man Arrested for Credit Card Abuse - But the Traffic Stop was Different! 3/4/2016 PIO
Sheriff Capers is Seeking Information from the Public on a Murder Investigation 3/11/2016 PIO
Sheriff Capers Reports a Busy Weekend in San Jacinto County 3/21/2016 PIO
Retirements and Promotions in the Sheriff's Office 3/24/2016 PIO
Sheriff Capers Reports a Clandestine Lab Taken Down in Southwest San Jacinto County 3/29/2016 PIO
San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Deputy Resigns under Investigation 4/14/2016 PIO
Aggravated Robbery in Coldspring 4/17/2016 PIO
Be On the Lookout - Suspicious Vehicle/Persons Reported 4/21/2016 PIO
Defendant Gets Life in Prison for Continual Sexual Abuse of a Child 4/27/2016 PIO
A Quick Response by Multiple Agencies Thwarts 2 Theft Suspects and Recovers Property 4/28/2016 PIO
Chief Deputy takes down Deadly Conduct Suspect in Coldspring 5/12/2016 PIO
San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office Arrests Robbery Suspect 6/3/2016 PIO
Some Folks are Slow Learners! 7/15/2016 PIO
San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office Wraps-Up a Robbery Investigation 7/15/2016 PIO
Sheriff and Chief Attend Sheriff's Association of Texas Conference in Grapevine, TX 7/29/2016 Sheriff Capers
San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office Removes Serial Sexual Predator from our Streets 9/8/2016 PIO
San Jacinto County Sheriff's Office Joins Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force to Eradicate Illegal Marijuana Grow Operations 9/21/2016 PIO
Animal Cruelty will not be tolerated in San Jacinto County 10/01/2016 PIO
San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office Receives an Unusual Animal Control Call 10/13/2016 PIO
Sheriff Greg Capers Receives Honor from the National Sheriff’s Association 10/13/2016 PIO
Two Armed Male Suspect Rob Chevron in Shepherd Texas 1/20/2017 PIO
San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office Receives Grant Award from Crime Stopper 1/23/2017 PIO
Man In Shepherd Texas Found With Homemade Pipe Bomb 2/15/2017 PIO
Regarding Suspect in Porter Texas Motel Investigation 2/21/2017 PIO
Sheriff Goes To Legislature 3/1/2017 PIO
Area Sheriff’s Offices Interrupt a Marijuana Grow Operation 4/21/2017 PIO
San Jacinto County Sheriff's Office Closes a 1982 Cold Case Murder Investigation 5/12/2017 PIO
Officer Involved Shooting Release 8-16-17 8/16/2017 Sheriff Capers
Sex Offender Compliance Checks 11/1/2017 Sheriff Capers
SJC Sheriff: K-9s track Shepherd man who fled police, hid in tree
2/14/2018 Eastex Advocate
Sheriff Capers Requires Honesty From His Employees 6/21/2018 PIO
Search for Missing Woman and her Son in Lake Livingston Successful 7/4/2018 PIO
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