Detention Bureau
The Sheriff's mandatory function, by state law, is to operate the County Jail in San Jacinto County.  The Captain/Jail Administrator manages all operations under the Detention Bureau in accordance with the Texas Jail Commission Rules and Regulations.  Our Jail Operations strive to remain "in compliance" at all times with the commission.  The Detention Bureau is home to the Jail Division, Inmate Transportation Division, Court Security Division, Mental Health Operations, and the Infrastructure and Fleet Management Division.  Each of these divisions has a unique affiliation within the Jail Operations of the Sheriff's Office.

Jail Division

The Jail Division is the main operating unit of the Detention Bureau.  The San Jacinto County Jail, classified by the state as a "medium size jail", is a 145 bed facility capable of housing any type of offender, from minor misdemeanors up to capital felonies.  Typically, the County Jail is home to convicted misdemeanor defendants who are serving 1 year or less in penal time assessed by a Court.  On any particular day, the count of offenders held in our Jail is around 100 persons.  This includes new arrestees by the Sheriff's Office and other law enforcement in San Jacinto County, and inmates from out of county jails who need more room for their own prisoners.  The out of county jails pay San Jacinto County to house their offenders and each entity has their own contract for these services.  Currently, our jail is under contract with Trinity County, Tyler County, Houston County, Montgomery County, and the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe out of Woodville Texas.  Typically, out of county inmates make up only 30% of the total inmate population at any time.

Under Jail Commission rules, there are required to be 1 Jailer per 48 inmates.  This does not include the Jailer assigned to the Control/Security center, or the Kitchen and Laundry areas of the jail.  The Sheriff's Office currently employs 1 Jail Lieutenant, 1 Jail Sergeant, 4 Jail Corporals, and 12 Jailers.  Our Jailers can be civilian Jailers or Sworn Deputy Jailers.

Inmate Transportation Division

This is the mobility section of the Detention Bureau.  All inmate movement is handled by the Inmate Transportation Division.  Whether it is moving inmates to and from court, or transferring inmates into or out of the County Jail, our Transport Deputy is responsible for it.  Due to distance, manpower, or simple cost of transportation, the County contracts with private companies who assists us with bringing inmates from far off places within the United States to our jail facility.  This is managed and scheduled by the Jail Lieutenant.  Our Inmate Transportation Division consists of 1 full time deputy and 2 Reserve Deputies.

Court Secrutiy Division

The Court Security Division of the Detention Bureau is responsible for Court House security of the Court Building in San Jacinto County.  In addition to securing the physical building, this division is responsible for providing the Bailliff's for the 2 courts in our court house.  Due to there only being 1 full time Deputy assigned to this task, it is sometimes required to bring in Reserve Deputies or utilize Sworn Deputy Jailer staff to assist, especially on larger court cases.  In any case which has a potential for danger to the court or to our citizens, the Patrol Tactical Unit is summoned to assist in security.  These highly trained deputies may be working undercover or in uniform to assist the Court Security Division in keeping all involved safe.

Mental Health Divsion

The Mental Health Division is responsible for transportation of inmates found to be in need of specialized services through the Burke Center in Lufkin Texas.  During the inmate classification process if an inmate is found to have mental issues, they are screened via a special video conferencing system, with the Burke Center, set up both in our jail and our offices.  If the Burke Center personnel determine that an inmate requires more advanced assistance, the Mental Health Deputy is trained and certified to ensure the safe transition from the County Jail to the Burke Center.

Our Mental Health Divsion consists of 2 Deputy Sheriff's.  One is assigned to the Jail, the other is assigned to Patrol.  The patrol section of this division is responsible for execution of Mental Health Warrants issued by the County Judge.  This Deputy also assists other patrol deputies with the Emergency Peace Officer Warrant - a tool utilized by our patrol deputies in extreme emergency situations where a person may be in mental health crisis, or may have a tendency to hurt themself or another.

While the Mental Health Division is not responsible for providing Mental Health Services, the training received by these deputies goes a long way to assisting those in need of Mental Health and Mental Retardation services.  Simple recognition and proper handling of these persons is the first step towards a successful intervention with more advanced services offered by the State.

Infrastructure and Fleet Management Division

Our Infrastructure Section refers to all buildings and other facilities utilized by the Sheriff's Office.  Maintenance and repairs are required to keep these facilities in tip-top shape and ready for use.  Our Infrastructure includes our Law Enforcement Center, County Jail, evidentiary buildings and storage, and special unit facilities in other areas of the county.

Your Sheriff's Office maintains a very large fleet of vehicles to serve the citizens of San Jacinto County.  Besides personnel, the fleet is our major budget cost.  These vehicles require routine maintenance, to include oil changes, tires, light bulbs, and equipment repair.  Due to the hazardous nature of their operation, these vehicles must be kept in optimal operating shape.  All vehicle issues are managed by the Infrastructure and Fleet Management Division.