Communications Division
The Communications Division is home to the San Jacinto County Emergency Dispatch Center (EDC).  Personnel assigned to this division are licensed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) as Texas Communications Officers.  Our EDC is supervised and managed by the Communications Supervisor and Assistant Communications Supervisor.

The emergency dispatch discipline in place in our county is called a 'centralized dispatch system'.  This means that all communications, be it law enforcement, fire, ambulance, or emergency management, originates through our EDC.  The benefit to this system is that no one entity is required to establish and maintain their own dispatch system, and all information occurring in our county is shared with all other entities via the EDC.  Our EDC supports the Sheriff's Office, the Constable's Offices, School District Police, the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Parks and Wildlife Department, all Fire Departments in San Jacinto County, the EMS/Ambulance Service in San Jacinto County, and the Office of Emergency Management.  The County Judge and our Commissioners are able to speak directly to the EDC and our units in the field via a special radio frequency developed for the Office of Emergency Management.  Additionally, the EDC maintains channels for other agencies in the state and our region to contact us via radio.

There is never less than 2 dispatchers on duty at any time in the EDC.  3 system consoles exist to serve all of the entities requiring communications services.  The primary contact for life threatening emergencies in San Jacinto County is the 911 system.  Our 911 system is capable of pin-pointing mobile calls by GPS.  Our EDC also routes non-emergency calls for the Sheriff's Office.  Our EDC houses and operates our State and National Information Sharing Systems.  This computer system, called the Texas Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (TLETS) and the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS), provides our law enforcement officers with real-time information on any type of activity occurring anywhere in the country.  Additionally, it provides the usual Driver's License information, Registration Information, Stolen and Wanted Information, and Homeland Security Information utilized by law enforcement officers every day.

Our radio systems are the heartbeat of our operations in the EDC.  Being much more reliable than cell phones, officer safety and immediate communications needs for call response are handled by radio.  San Jacinto County works it's primary calls and radio traffic on the VHF radio system.  This P-25 Digital Radio System is the authorized network in the Deep East Texas Council of Governments (DETCOG) and permits all 12 counties within the COG to communicate with each other.  The frequencies for this system are publicly available and our citizens are able to monitor our routine radio traffic via specially designed scanners available on the market.  Another system in place is the 700 MHz Radio System of the Texas Regional Radio System.  This system permits our EDC and units in the field to communicate directly with our neighbors who are not on the regional VHF radio system.  It also provides distance coverage for our units, such as jail tranport units, as they travel outside of San Jacinto County to other parts of the state.  As an additional security measure for tactical communications, the Sheriff's Office maintains a series of talk-groups on the 700 MHz system that are highly encrypted to prevent criminals from monitoring our radio traffic.  The Sheriff's Office also maintains a system that utilizes the internet for radio traffic on our primary VHF radio system.  Generally, anywhere there is a highway in our state, there is internet coverage.  This closed and secure system also allows radio continuity for our units traveling outside of our county where they cannot access a radio signal.

Our dispatch personnel are highly trained to handle this very demanding job.  They are your very first contact when an emergency occurs in San Jacinto County.  They will see you through your demanding issue and ensure that highly qualified personnel are on the way to help you.