Reserve Bureau
The Reserve Bureau consists of non-paid volunteer personnel who serve as Peace Officers for San Jacinto County at no cost to the San Jacinto County Taxpayer.  The Bureau is commanded by the Reserve Chief Deputy, who reports directly to the Sheriff and Chief Deputy.

The State of Texas permits a person to work as a volunteer peace office for municipalities and Sheriff's Offices.  These peace officers are required to have the same licensing as a full time paid peace officer.  Sheriff Capers requires his reserves to have the same training and qualifications as any other Deputy in the agency.  Their title is Reserve Deputy Sheriff.  The rank structure of the Reserve Bureau mirrors the regular paid Sheriff's Office.  Their duties are as vast and complex as the duties of the regular Sheriff's Office, with one exception, they do it for free.

The Reserve Bureau currently supports all major events in the County, such as Christmas on the Square, the Fair and Rodeo, and other venues where our citizens gather in mass to celebrate and have a good time.  Without this service, budgets would climb 4 fold.  While the need would be required even without Reserves, this non-paid resource is invaluable to our citizens.

The Reserve Bureau primarily serves our Patrol Division, Detective Bureau, and Detention Bureau.  Several of our Reserve Deputies work in other areas/departments of the county; such as the DA's Office, and the County Judge's Office.  Plans are on the table to develop a Lake Patrol Division within the Reserve Bureau to service the Lake Livingston and Trinity River within our County.  Our goal is to work hand in hand with the Cape Royale Fire Department in safety and recovery efforts on the lake, while performing law enforcement duties to support our citizens and assist the Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens.  The Reserve Deputies who accept this duty will be sent to school to learn the trade of Lake Patrol Deputy.

Another program on the table involves horses and 4 wheelers.  The Search and Rescue/Recovery Unit is in the making.  With assistance from trained citizens and law enforcement personnel, we will be able to establish a group capable of deployment in short order to search for missing persons and recover evidence in the National Forest and sourrounding areas.

The Reserve Bureau also serves the Sheriff's Office in our Public Relations Division.  The PR Division is responsible for meeting with our Citizen Groups, assisting the Seniors Programs, helping with Church and Youth programs, and just being available to assist our citizens.  The members who work in this program are hard working and highly trained to deliver just the right "stuff" for our citizens.

What does a Reserve Peace Officer gain by volunteering?  To ask that question of one receives so many different responses.  Some are retired after many years of service in paid law enforcment and they still feel the calling to serve.  This type of Reserve brings with him/her all the years of training you would expect.  Some are just getting into the field of law enforcement, but due to the low pay of most entry level police jobs, they can not afford to leave their regular job.  With the need to gain valuable experience, they join an agency as a reserve to do just that.

Regardless of their reasons, the Sheriff greatly appreciates each and everyone of these men and women who spend countless volunteer hours serving San Jacinto County.

If you are interested in becoming a Reserve Deputy Sheriff with us, take a look at our Recruiting Page, download the application packet, and bring it by the office.  We would love to have you with us!