Legislative Bureau
The Legislative Bureau of the Sheriff's Office is responsible for interacting with our State Legislators and other government agencies and programs to help gain benefit for, not only San Jacinto County, but all law enforcement in the State of Texas.

Sheriff Capers, invited and appointed, currently works as a member of several committees under the state legislature to assist in developing laws and programs designed to better train and streamline law enforcement services to better protect our citizens and employees.  However, his need to be at the helm of his agency and continue the mission of the Sheriff's Office sometimes conflicts with the need to participate in and with these committees.  To continue this important work, Sheriff Capers has developed a team of law enforcement officers who are specialized in the areas of study required by the committees for which he serves.

The Legislative Bureau, under the direct command of Sheriff Capers, is a non-paid unit, meaning, the personnel and services provided do not cost the citizens of San Jacinto County any tax money for this representation.  The personnel within this unit continually travel throughout the state and meet with others who share this responsibility to help develop the laws specific to our profession.

Though not a highly publicized group, this Bureau is very active and works continually to better law enforcement to serve San Jacinto County.