Administration Bureau
The Sheriff's Office Administration Bureau is home to all of the decision makers in the agency.  The Elected Sheriff is the CEO of our organization and it is his plan and direction that serves as the guide to policy and operational decisions.  To assist Sheriff Capers in this extremely important duty to our citizens, he has developed a system of command personnel to address specific needs of the agency.

Specific Units of the Administration Bureau are:

The Command Staff - This is the specific team of personnel who operate and mange the Sheriff's Office under the Sheriff's direction and guidance.  Each of these Commanders are highly trained and bring many years of experience and expertise to the program.  In addition to the Sheriff, the Command Staff consists of the Chief Deputy, the Operations Bureau Captain, the Detention Bureau Captain (Jail Administrator), the Detective Bureau Commander, and the Reserve Chief Deputy.

The Professional Standards Unit - In this unit, policy and procedure is established to direct the employees of the agency.  Supervisors are responsible for ensuring the mission of the agency is carried out, employees are following established procedures in execution of their duties, and complaints are properly and lawfully addressed in a fair and impartial manner.  Tools available to these supervisors are Employee Evaluations, periodic inspections, statistical reviews, and personal interactions with subordinates.

The Office of Media Relations and Public Information - Sheriff Capers demands transparency in all operations which do not compromise security and safety of the employees or the citizens.  This Unit, headed by the Public Information Officer (PIO), is responsible for developing and employing information which benefits the public via media partners, social media, this website, and any other venue for getting timely information to the public.  Any information developed by other areas of the agency is presented to the PIO for evaluation and is created in a format to concisely address the information for release.  Once approved by Sheriff Capers, the information is broadcast via email to the venues who present the information to the public.  Not all information is releasable, both morally and under law; However, the Sheriff is adamant about keeping the public informed.

Open Records Unit - Under Texas law, the Freedom of Information Act prescribes the specific route to gaining information from Public Agencies.  This law also specifies what, how, and how much information may be released.  This Unit, headed by the Chief Deputy (Custodian of Sheriff's Office Records) and his team of clerical personnel manage this extremely important program for the Sheriff's Office.  Where certain portions of this Act allow for monetary charges to access the information, Sheriff Capers works hard to keep the technology available to prevent charges to the public for this information.  If charges are required, the Sheriff's Office adheres to the fee schedule within state law.  For more information on this Act, you can find it at

Statistical and Analysis Unit - The old adage, "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it" is alive and well in law enforcement.  This Unit of the Sheriff's Office is responsible for developing statistics and analyzing information developed during investigations.  Supervised by the Detective Bureau Commander, the clerical personnel who actually do this work are highly trained to utilize all avenues of information to resource and categorize subject matter which can greatly enhance the successful prosecution of cases and project situations which will assist us in keeping our citizens and personnel safe.  This Unit is probably the most used tool within our program.