About Us
San Jacinto County Texas is located in East Texas, approximately 65 miles Northeast of Houston, Texas.  The county is approximately 680 square miles with a static population of approximately 30,000 very diverse and active people.

San Jacinto County is about 66% National Forest.  Lake Livingston resides predominantly within the county boundaries with approximately 40 miles of shoreline.  With various venues for spring and summertime activity, our seasonal population can increase to near 100,000.  The County Seat is Coldspring, Texas.  Other cities are Shepherd, Point Blank, and Oakhurst.  The main highways in San Jacinto County are U.S. 59 (Interstate 69), U.S. 190, and State Highway 150.  Our eastern boundary is the Trinity River.  In San Jacinto County, the river, which forms Lake Livingston, runs from near Riverside Texas down to near Romayor Texas.

The San Jacinto County Sheriff's Office exists to serve the citizens of San Jacinto County, Texas.  As a 24/7 Law Enforcment Agency, the Sheriff provides full service patrol, investigations, jail, and citizen support services.  The San Jacinto County Sheriff's Office consists of 68 full time employees and a 15 man reserve force.  The Sheriff's Office Administration consists of a team of highly experienced and trained individuals who direct and operate this vast agency.  The Sheriff's Office is organized into several bureaus and divisions to better serve our citizens.